Important Features of Cars and Motor when it rains

Rain is a natural factor that can not be avoided, so for motorists and motorists should always be vigilant and prepare what is important in the rainy season. At the time of rain comes then the visibility will be reduced, the grip of the tire is certainly the same. So during the rainy season the potential for undesirable events will increase.

But it is for the manufacturer not a problem, because it has been anticipated with the addition of features. These features can anticipate grip loss and decreased visibility. Surely there is on the Car and not on Motor, and vice versa. Which in essence the manufacturer has been thinking about the problem well and also the function of the paired features.

for features on Car and Motor must have different names depending on the brand. Nevertheless the way it works is almost somewhat similar to each other. What are the important features when it comes to rain? Let’s see below that can be used as information for you.Motor when it rains

Important Features of Cars and Motor when it rains

Rain sensor or Rain sensor

This feature is a mechanism to activate the wiper on the Car automatically when it rains. With the sophistication of these features of course the driver will not distract from the streets. How the rain sensor works is to rely on sensors that can read water droplets in the windshield. The sensor transmits the signal to the Car’s computer and activates the feature. This sensor also unumnya can set the speed of the wiper based on the intensity of rain.

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ABS braking

Simply put, the anti-lock braking system (ABS) braking system is a safety feature that keeps the brakes unlocked if braking is done. This feature is very useful on the streets wet, even sandy though. In wet road conditions, ABS can stop the motor without slip even though the brake handle is pressed down. While non-ABS motors, under the same conditions, tend to slip. ABS braking, nowadays there are either on the motor or car.

Stability Control

VSC or Vehicle Stability Control is a safety device that can perform active braking that runs independently in each wheel. For the front brake is able to prevent the occurrence of oversteer, while the rear brake prevents under steer.

At the time of the vehicle skid or lose traksiu, then the braking happens will be automatic. In addition, the engine power is also reduced to stabilize the vehicle and the wheels still have grip. Missing control usually occurs when the road conditions are wet.


Foglamp has a function to break the fog because these lamps have a stronger intensity compared to headlamp lights. Usefulness of foglamp to penetrate the streets when in extreme conditions such as dark, heavy fog and heavy rain.

For the most suitable foglamp color is yellow. This is because the yellow color is the color that is most able to penetrate the fog or heavy rain with high intensity though. Fog lamps can be mounted for Car or Motor.

So in essence always be careful when crashing the road in extreme conditions such as heavy rain and abut bold. Always well-prepared vehicles and the physical condition of both the vehicle and its users.