Apple Acknowledge iPhone 8 Troubled

Some iPhone 8 users reported the same problem, namely the component of the device’s earpiece. There is a kind of static or static noise that interferes with audio and call experience.

User complaints flowed in online forums, such as Reddit and Apple service forums. Apple finally spoke about this issue.

The Cupertino giant admits there is a problem with the components of the iPhone 8 earpiece and iPhone 8 Plus. Apple argues that the problem only affects a small number of users, but will fix it soon. Also visit:

“We are paying attention to this issue which affects a small percentage of iPhone 8 users. Our team is working to improve it, which will be listed on the next software update,” Apple spokesman said.iPhone 8 Troubled

He did not explain in detail what causes the occurrence of sound banging on the components of the iPhone 8 earpiece and iPhone 8 Plus. This problem affects cross-country users with different telecom operators.

It should be noted, complaints about the sound of this bend did not happen every time to call but only occasionally. The banging sound is also lost when the user uses the adjustable earpiece in speaker mode.

This indicates that the problem is indeed from the software side, as Apple says. Because the problem did not come consistently, as compiled KompasTekno, Thursday (28/09/2017), from TheVerge.

Apple itself did not promise a certain time until it released a software update for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Let’s wait for the next information. also read: iphone 7 accessories