Fingerprint Analysis Using DMIT Test


A study developed since 1979, reveals that “three-fifths of learning styles are genetic; the rest, beyond diligence, can be developed through experience “. This is highly relevant to the fingerprint test in which the medium is a person’s fingerprint. We have long known that everyone’s fingerprints must be different, which is why fingerprints are always used to identify someone. Fingerprints have not changed since we were born until we die someday, because the formation of fingerprints is determined by DNA, along with the formation of the brain. The process of formation begins when the fetus is 13 weeks old, and is perfect at week 24. Therefore, it is natural that scientific evidence reveals an outward correlation between fingerprints with quality, talent, and learning styles. Based on that research, the DMIT Test is invented.

Therefore, the earlier we know our learning style, it will be easier for us to absorb information. The DMIT Test report presents a person’s learning style report based on VAK (Visual-Auditori-Kinesthetic) theory. The report is based on findings from researchers that the epidermal ridge of a person’s fingerprints has a scientific relationship with the genetic code of brain cells and the potential for one’s intelligence. Finally, based on the results of research Baverly C Jaegers, concluded that fingerprints can reflect the characteristics and psychological aspects of a person, their research results have been proven in the field of Anthropology and Health. The benefits of this test are very wide. Especially in knowing our potential and learning styles or our children.

For example, a child with a visual-kinesthetic learning style, would be very difficult when told his teacher to sit still and read black and white textbooks without pictures. All teacher need is understanding from those around him that he has a kinesthetic learning style that automatically makes learning easier when he is allowed to move. The result, very likely if the child suffered a setback or even delay in receiving information. Therefore it is very beneficial to take DMIT Testin the early age.