The 2018 FIFA World Cup Finals in Rusia

No, I am not speaking to this Dallas Cowboys nor the NFL. I am talking about REAL soccer, also called soccer to us Americans.

The World Cup is viewed by more than 26 BILLION viewers globally, and the last game with the coveted gold decoration is watched by more than 700 million audiences alone. South Africa is the host nation for 2010, and the games are being played 10 places in 9 host places around the nation.

There’ll be two games on the opening afternoon. In Johannesburg, South Africa will play with Mexico. In Cape Town, Uruguay will play with France. Among those “must see” games is on 12-June when Team USA plays with England at Rustenburg. Italy will play their first match in Cape Town on 14-June from Paraguay, and Brazil will play their first match in Johannesburg on 15-June against Korea.

I’ve attended a World Cup game (Brazil v Holland), and I will attest that I have not attended any athletic event which comes close to the excitement and adrenaline rush that comes with attending at least one of those games. In my view, attending a World Cup game is a “should do”, if just once, in one’s life! You won’t ever encounter any occasion like it!

So wear your favorite team’s jersey, then proudly wave your flag, and then get ready for the best soccer season. Following is a link to provide you a bit of advice, history, and ticket information for this season’s best soccer game. . .it’s time to prepare for some football!

I will acknowledge that I’m not the greatest sports enthusiast on Earth, nor even within my household for this issue. However, I really do enjoy the sport of football, and also the FIFA games aren’t like any other athletic event I’ve attended. If you have the chance, visit at least FIFA World Cup match at transtv on your life – you won’t be sorry!