It’s time to think differently about your work.
No one wrote a book about music. It can not be written because it will never end.
But that does not mean we can not think abstractly about music. The truth is, we have to think like that all the time.
Whether it’s finding ideas, creating sounds, mixing music, or putting together a building, constant rethinking is a good.
Who is more able than the 12 iconic artists who have done: Different thoughts about everyday sounds.
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“A good blend of prediction and surprise seems to be at the heart of the best art.” – Wendy Carlos

All good music is not planned. Knowing when to keep ‘good accidents’ gives your soul tracks, life and personality.
So have a map, but know when to ignore it.
“There is no such thing as empty space or free time. There’s always something to look at, something to hear. In fact, if we try to create silence, we can not do it. “-John Cage

Stop and think for a moment. Have you ever experienced complete silence? It seems impossible. But you know what that means? There is an inspired sound every time, 24 hours a day. The sound does not stop when you leave the studio. There is a potential for a constant idea! Use that download lagu .

“I have no theoretical language for music. I am really inspired by the statue, so I want to say, ‘You do not make music, you are creating space. You’re building a room, putting some objects in it, and see what happens to things from time to time. ‘”- Daniel Lopatin

Sound is space. The stereo image you create is your responsibility. Creation of your space is freedom. But sometimes it’s a tough task.
What you put into space, and how you organize it, is the essence of all music. Sometimes difficult, sometimes simple.
But no matter how you arrive at your voice, it’s always nice to know that your room is really your own.

“Music is always changing, and I’m going to make the right changes along with it.” – Aretha Franklin

A shocking teen survival story to be made into a TV Show. TV studios at their finest.

The disappearance and discovery of Kourtney Thibeault was one of the most heart-warming stories of survival and perseverance in 2009, and now it’s coming to television.

A shocking teen survival story to be made into a TV Show

A shocking teen survival story to be made into a TV Show

The Learning Channel plans to air a documentary this weekend titled “My Kid Survived,” which will include Thibeault’s ordeal.

Thibeault was a 17-year-old senior at Mount Ararat High School, returning from an advanced class in Auburn on Nov. 17, when she hit a deer, lost control of her father’s Ford Explorer and crashed into a ravine, out of sight from the road above.

She lay there bleeding, several bones broken, unable to get out or reach her cell phone. For two days, her family and police searched for her tvjaya.com. They feared that she had been the victim of a crime, that she might be dead.

Then Topsham police Officer Troy Garrison spotted a thin tire track heading off Route 196. He followed it to some snapped trees, then saw the Explorer at the base of the ravine.

Thibeault was barely conscious.

“She fought and she lived and she held out long enough to make it,” said Katherine Perrault, Thibeault’s mother, who sees the story as inspirational.
“If nothing else,” she said, “don’t give up.”

Thibeault was hospitalized in critical condition. She recovered enough to march in June with her graduating high school class, and won the school’s Summit Award, as the student who had to work the hardest to graduate.
A television producer contacted Thibeault about her story after graduation, and a crew spent a week filming last summer. The re-enactment scenes were filmed in the Philippines, Perrault said.
The show will air at 6 p.m. Sunday, then again on Monday during the day, she said.
Perrault said she and Thibeault are a little anxious about the finished product.

“You spend a week taping … eight to 10 hours a day. You hope they pick the best of the best,” she said.
Thibeault has maintained the same strive-for-success style she had before the crash, when she was captain of Mount Ararat’s cheerleading squad and a strong student.