Penghu Travel Guide

Penghu comprises of 64 islands in the southeast of the Taiwan Strait. Its social and geological scenes vary extraordinarily from those of Taiwan Island, despite the fact that they are not a long way from each other. Guests come there predominantly to welcome the ocean, play water wears, and eat fish.

Best time to visit: The climate is settled from April to early October. In any case, in summer, hurricanes come at times, and the climate gauge will help you a considerable measure. You would be wise to keep away from winter since it is constantly breezy. Each mid-May to mid-June, amid the International Firework Festival, the firecrackers are set off twice per week at Kuanyin Pavilion Waterfront Park in Makung.

Top Attractions – Things to Do

Jibei Island: It is the biggest island among those north islands. It has heaps of coral sections, dark basalts, different feathered creatures, and thick stone weirs. A long and restricted shoreline at its south drift extends around 750 yards (685 meters) into the ocean. There you can stroll in the waves, play in the water, and value the delightful dusk. Numerous brilliant occasion bungalows on the island are for you to remain overnight in.

Penghu Sea-Crossing Bridge: It interfaces the White Sand Island with the West Island, and extends over the most perilous conduit. It is a renowned milestone of the city. The scaffold is 2,727 yards (2,494 meters) in length, resembling a rainbow on the ocean. It was worked in 1970 and used to be the longest ocean crossing span in the Far East.

Tongliang Ancient Banyan: It lies at the west of the White Sand Island and close to the ocean crossing span. It would seem that a woodland comprises of many banyans, yet in the event that you investigate, you will find that the backwoods is only one old banyan more than 300 years of age. Local people see it as a perfect tree.

Sitai Ancient Fortress: It is situated at the southwest of the West Island. It was worked in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) to keep from the privateers. The whole fortification is covered up in an enormous basalt. The passages inside transmit every which way to encourage the association among the troopers.